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Return Policy & Guarantee

Return Policy

Links-It®, if unused, can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Please mail 1) proof of purchase and 2) the undamaged Links-It® to the address below. Upon receipt, we will refund the purchase price of the product.

            Pawdentify c/o Jill Klancic
            P.O. Box 51
            Hooper, Utah 84315

Pawdentify® Tags, since personalized and not resalable, may not be returned.

If the design or ID information is incorrect due to our error, please email and we will replace. 

Pawdentify® Guarantee

We have worked diligently to make high quality, Made in USA products of USA materials. We want you to be satisfied with your Pawdentify® purchase. Pawdentify® products are not chew-proof, but should withstand normal use from active pets. 

If your product/s becomes damaged, we offer a one-time replacement per product. Please email 1) an image of the damaged Pawdentify® Tag or Links-It® 2) proof of purchase, and 3) your shipping address. We will mail a replacement promptly. 

Customers outside of the United States who have a damaged Pawdentify® product, will be responsible for the shipping cost incurred by Pawdentify® to ship the replacement product.

If one of the conditions above is not met, we will evaluate on an individual basis. Please email or call 913-747-6793 Ex. 4.

Disassembled, but not Damaged

Links-It® is made from 2 pieces, the Link and the Lock. If the 2 pieces are pulled apart (like in the image below), Links-It® has been disassembled and is not broken. It can be easily re-assembled and used.