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LINKS-IT Awards and Testimonials

Finalist - Martha Stewart's American Made Contest

Winner - Becker's Best Award, Global Pet Expo

"One third of pets are lost sometime in their lifetime, and the standard ID tag is the way that most pets are returned home via neighbors. Attaching ID tags is not only a chore but can make your fingers sore from breaking a nail or getting pinched with pliers.

The LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connector is a brilliant, award-winning solution to easily, quickly and securely attach or switch tags to pets’ collars with a durable, lightweight, compact, space-age material. My wife, Teresa (who has 20 collars and dozens of pet tags) is going to love me — and so are my ears, because LINKS-IT’s diamond shape eliminates the noise of tags jingling and jangling."
Dr. Marty Becker, DVM,

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have two rambunctious dogs who love to wrestle and grab each other's collars. They play really rough! I had tried several tag holders. Last summer, I found LINKS-IT via the Pet Friendly blog. I decided to give them a try. After close to a year, the original LINKS-ITs are still in use. This is incredible! And, I can change tags and collars easily."
Lisa, Missouri

"LINKS-IT is a life saver for me. I have brain stem and spinal cord damage. Though not paralyzed, my dexterity is limited. The vet helped with tags or I resorted to tools with great frustration at times. LINKS-IT allows me to change tags easily. Love the colors."
Lois, Texas

"My dogs and I just returned from a very active weekend in Hokulia. The dogs played in this very rugged spot with solid and loose lava rock. The dogs were in and out of the water, diving from the rocks, the ultimate test for LINKS-IT.

I love how LINKS-IT is so small and durable and yet can fit four tags. It stays out of the way from getting caught on branches and rocks, which is very important especially in our harsh environment. LINKS-IT passed the "Island Style" test with flying colors!" 
Rhonda, Hawaii

"No longer will I have to struggle getting all of Gracie’s tags on the metal rings or “S” hooks! It will also be much easier to transfer Gracie’s tags whenever I want to switch collars (which I did this week)! Now her ID tags will be where they should always be...around her neck! I am telling everyone I know that has a dog about your product! Thank you for a wonderful product!"
Cindy, Ohio

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