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Only 1 in 3 pet owners report that their pets wear ID

We believe that's because metal rings and hooks make it a pain to attach tags. Plus, engraved metal tags are hard to read and unexciting.

To keep more dogs and cats safe, Pawdentify® is reinventing pet ID

The Pawdentify® Pet ID System includes a Tag and Links-It® with Kevlar®

  • Each Tag has colorful graphics on one side and your pet's ID - name, phone number, address, or whatever you'd like - on the other side. High-resolution graphics and ID are permanently infused into a renewably-sourced polymer Tag
  • Attach Tags quickly and easily with Links-It® with Kevlar®. Links-It® is made with Kevlar® and has a patented locking mechanism to keep tags securely attached to pets’ collars

You and your pets will love the Pawdentify® Pet ID System