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Made Kevlar® Strong

Links-It® is the only pet tag connector made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber 

The strength and durability of Kevlar® make Links-It® unlike any other pet tag connector / clip / holder. 

Why Kevlar®? 

Kevlar® is a fiber invented by DuPont in 1966. It is five times stronger than common steel on an equal weight basis.

For over fifty years, Kevlar® has helped protect firefighters, police officers, and soldiers. Now, Links-It® with Kevlar® helps protect pets by keeping tags securely attached to their collars.

Links-It® is made of a combination of DuPont™ Delrin® polymer and Kevlar® fiber. Testing of Links-It® with Kevlar® in the laboratory and by some very active dogs demonstrates that Kevlar® helps make this product more durable.

Links-It® Test Results

Kansas State University's Engineering Department found that:

1. There was no visible wear on Links-It® with Kevlar® after swinging tags back and forth about 10 million times

2. There was no visible wear on Links-It® with Kevlar® after opening and closing it about 10 thousand times

3. Links-It® with Kevlar® can hold over 50 pounds