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Frequently Asked Questions

Pawdentify Tags

How do I order a Pawdentify Tag? 
Select your Pawdentify® Tag design (over 100 to choose from), size (Standard or Small) and Links-It® with Kevlar® color (pink, red, green, blue, purple, or black). Then, personalize your ID with up to 18 characters per line. The Standard Tag has 4 lines, and the Small has 3 lines. 

Which size Tag should I select?
We recommend the Standard Tag (1-1/4” diameter) for dogs that weigh 20 pounds and greater and the Small Tag (1” diameter) for dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds and cats. 

What information should I place on my Tag? 
You may place any information you would like. Pictured below are examples of a Standard Tag (4 lines of up to 18 characters / line) and a Small Tag (3 lines of up to 18 characters / line). Some customers place multiple phone numbers on a Tag. Some place a street address and some don’t. 

Will my new Tag last?
Yes! The images on the Tags are infused into the polymer material (not simply on the surface) and are permanent. The Tags are weatherproof and waterproof. It takes more than 80 lbs. of force to break a tag, which is highly unlikely to occur.

A few dogs chew just about anything, including collars and metal tags, and they may be able to chew Pawdentify Tags.

Can I purchase a Pawdentify Tag without a Links-It connector? 
No. The two comprise a system. And, we can’t bear the thought of including a metal ring or S-hook with a Pawdentify® Tag.  

Do Pawdentify Tags have a guarantee?
Yes! If we make a mistake making the Tag(s) you ordered, we will gladly replace.  If a Tag becomes difficult to read or is damaged, we will replace once. Please see our Pawdentify® Guarantee


Links-It® with Kevlar®

How does Links-It work? 
Please see the instructions and video.    

How long does it take to attach tags with a Links-It?
About 15 seconds, once you get the hang of it.

How many tags can Links-It hold?
3 - 4 tags, depending on thickness.

What tags will Links-It work with / not work with? 
Links-It® fits the large majority of tags. The tag hole diameter must be larger than 1/10”. 

Does Links-It come in different sizes?
We designed Links-It® to work on pets and collars of all sizes. Links-It® works for small pets with small collars, because it is compact and lightweight. It also fits the largest collars we could find (on which it would be just about impossible to attach a metal ring or hook).

How do I know if Links-It is locked and secure? 
The collar’s D-ring should be on one side of the Links-It® Lock, and the tags should be on the other side of the Lock. Do not use with a metal split ring or S-hook.  

When locked, Links-It will look like this. Confirm LINKS-IT is closed properly by pulling on tags.    


Will my new Links-It last?
Since we launched the original Links-It® in late 2014, we have received hundreds of reviews from consumers, the large majority of which are very positive. Many customers have written that Links-It® is the only connector that has kept tags on their very active dogs.

On the other hand, dogs do some crazy things, and they can’t tell us (of course) what happened. A Links-It® will break under a 50 lb. or so load, and we want it to break rather than immobilize a pet. 

Does Links-It have a guarantee?
Yes! If you don’t like Links-It®, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. If a Links-It® becomes damaged, we will replace once. Please see our Pawdentify® Guarantee

What is Kevlar and why did you add Kevlar to Links-It?
The strength and durability of Kevlar® make Links-It® unlike any other pet tag connector / clip / holder. Learn more about Kevlar®.  

My Links-It came apart! / How can I make a Links-It in 2 colors? 
Links-It® is made of two parts that snap together. It is easy to pull the parts apart and then snap them back together.  As pictured below, you can disassemble and reassemble two Links-It® to make Links-It® in two colors.


Payment & Shipping

Is my payment information secure?
To keep your payment information secure, we don’t keep credit card numbers, and we use PayPal for processing on our Shopify website.  Both companies are industry leaders.

How do you ship? Where do you ship?
We ship in the USA by USPS First Class Package Service. We also ship internationally. We provide tracking information upon shipment.

How long will it take to receive my order? 
We make and ship your order within 2 business days. USPS First Class Package Service takes an additional 2-4 days, so you should receive your order in about a week. 


Veterinary, Promotional, and Retail Inquiries

We make Pawdentify® Rabies Tags and Links-It® with Kevlar® connectors to attach rabies tags. Promotional Tags include the sponsor's name and logo on one side and pet ID on the other. We also welcome inquiries from retailers.  

Veterinarians and animal health companies, please contact Doug Danforth at

Retailers, please contact Jill Klancic at

Please reach out to us at with any questions or comments.