Pawdentify Tags are Perfect for Valentine's Day February 01, 2016 11:06

Pawdentify Valentine's Day Tags
Our pets are a piece of our heart. Their love, loyalty, and paw prints were the inspiration for our Valentine's Day Pawdentify tags.

Pawdentify tags let everyone know your pet belongs to you. Black font is imaged onto a white background, rather than engraved, so you can read the tag from a distance. The ID is permanent and will not wear off, because the image is infused into the tag. We provide a lifetime guarantee.

Your pet's comfort was also top of mind as we designed these tags. Made of a high-tech polymer, rather than metal, Pawdentify tags are lightweight and quiet.

Give your pet a gift that they will wear everyday and will help keep them safe. Choose from many festive designs.

We were excited to learn that the Huffington Post picked Pawdentify as a top Valentine's Day gift. Read more.

Give your pooch a smooch and cuddle your cat this Valentine's Day.