Special Offer for Links-It Early Adopters Expires 1/22/16 January 04, 2016 11:06

Special offer for LINKS-IT Early Adopters
We wanted to share a special offer on our new Pawdentify tags with you. Our tags are easier-to-read, more durable, lighter, and quieter than engraved metal tags. Like Links-It, Pawdentify tags are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

We currently include a Links-It with each Pawdentify tag to make attaching the tag easy. However, since you already have a Links-It we want to give you the opportunity to purchase a tag by itself at a lower price. You can purchase a Pawdentify tag alone for $16 rather than in combination with Links-It for $22. Shipping is free.

How it works:

  1. Select your tag design 
  2. Customize your ID information. The website will require you to select a Links-It color. Pick any color to advance to checkout
  3. Reduce the cost from $22 to $16 at checkout by entering Coupon Code: EarlyAdopter
  4. Prefer to order by phone? Call Jill at 913-747-6793 Ex. 4

We will mail your new Pawdentify tag within 2 business days. 

Already have a Pawdentify tag with Links-It? We also want to extend this offer to you, in case you'd like to select another tag.

Offer expires 1/22/16.

Thank you for being early adopters of our products. It means the world to us.

-The Links-It Team