Pawdentify Pet ID Tags Are Here! August 15, 2015 11:06

Our new Pawdentify Pet ID Tags are now available at! Choose from over 20 designs- paws, hearts, fish, and other patterns- available in bold colors for dogs and cats.

Our LINKS-IT customers constantly inspire us and even sparked our idea for Pawdentify. They complained that engraved metal tags from pet stores jingle and become unreadable over time. So, we sought to create a better tag, Pawdentify.

Pawdentify is made out of a high-tech polymer, so unlike metal tags, it is quiet and easy to read. Plus, there are so many more design and color options!

Like LINKS-IT, we are proud to make Pawdentify in the USA, and it is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Our mission is to keep more pets safe by making pet identification easy and fun! Visit us to learn more about our products.

The Pawdentify + LINKS-IT Team