4 Steps to Protect Your Dogs on the 4th of July July 01, 2016 11:06


Pets are most likely to go missing around July 4th

As you’re grilling, relaxing with friends and family, and watching fireworks, remember to think about the four-legged members of your family and their safety. The noises, flashes, and smell of fireworks often scare dogs and kick their flight instincts into overdrive.

1. Keep your dog calm and indoors at home

Especially if you’re traveling to a new place with unfamiliar sights and sounds, consider leaving your dog inside at home. Lower the blinds or place your dog in the basement. If your dog is particularly frightened, keep him in his crate with his bed and some toys.

2. Run and play early in the day

Get the party started and wear your dog out. Take him on a big run or play in the backyard earlier in the day. A tired dog is a mellow dog.

3. Turn up the music

Play some Three Dog Night or Pitbull! Dale. Your dog’s favorite relaxing tunes or the TV will give him something else to listen to and can drown out the noise from the fireworks.

4. Make sure your dog has ID Tags and a Microchip

Learn why ID tags and microchips are important. Did we mention to attach those tags with a LINKS-IT?

Editors Note: We first published this post in July of 2014.  Wanted to keep this updated.  Happy Independence Day!