National Pet ID Week – Why Pet Tags Matter April 14, 2014 11:06


We made LINKS-IT out of love for our dogs.  They’re members of our family.  We make late night trips to the emergency vet, find ways to hide medicine in treats, and take daily walks because of that love. 

Yet, fewer than half of lost dogs were wearing ID tags when they went missing.  Just one in three owners said they always have ID tags on their pets in a study conducted by the ASPCA. 

How can you ensure that your beloved dog is safe if she is separated from you unexpectedly?  Experts recommend protecting your dogs with three items: 

  1. An ID tag with your contact information to ensure you’re reunited quickly
  2. A license, if required by the local municipality
  3. A microchip implanted under the skin than can be read by veterinarians or animal control officers

National Pet ID Week (April 20-26) exists to help ensure that our dogs remain part of our family.  A big reason why so many dogs are missing tags is that it is so difficult and time consuming to attach tags with metal split rings or S-hooks.  Until now, we have had to settle for using tools or breaking fingernails in the process of securing ID tags.  We made LINKS-IT to delight dog lovers and keep dogs safe, in part by ensuring that changing pet ID tags is an easy and frustration-free experience.