Holiday Ideas for your Pet December 01, 2013 11:06

As we gear up for another holiday season, we at LINKS-IT thought it would be a great 
time to recommend some practical holiday gifts that like the LINKS-IT Pet Tag Connector, will 
make that special fourlegged someone on your list feel extra special and appreciated. While 
shopping for your pet, remember to shop around.  If the traditional pet retailers don't have that
special gift you are looking for, try exploring pinterest or etsy for interesting gifts that are slighly
less common.  That being said, here are a couple of our recommendations:


For your chew happy canine pal, try The Kong Company. Kong makes rubber toys that 
both your dog and cat will find irresistible. Kong's rubber toys have a number of advantages 
but the ones we are most impressed by are their durability and dental benefits. Many dogs can 
chew through bones and toy in a matter of hours, but these durable goods are up for the 
challenge. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made for dogs of all ages. 
They even offer a senior line for those pooches whose teeth and jaws may not be as strong as 
they used to. And did we mention that their most popular toys come in a festive Red color!


If your pet has fur, try the FURminator. The FURminator has been around for a couple 
years now. The tool was developed by a professional animal groomer and her husband who 
felt the need to create a tool to safely, efficiently, and comfortably remove pet fur. Nothing is 
more frustrating than getting ready to head out for that special holiday event only to discover 
that your evening attire is covered in pet hair! Treat both you and your canine companion with a 
gift that will keep on giving you peace of fur all year long.


Try a new collar or leash. There are many reasons pet owners change collars and 
leashes. Some pets like to be doggy dapper with a seasonally appropriate collar. Other dogs 
simply wear them out. A few places to check out durable and stylish collare and leashes are:,, and


Stock up on the fundamentals. The holidays may not seem like it, but they are also the 
perfect time of year to stock up on your pet supplies. Why not take advantage of this yearly 
opportunity and stock up on all the flea and tick remedies, nutrition supplements, food, and 
treats that you'll need in 2014. The prices will be right and you won't have to run to the store as 
much in the near year. 
Let your canine companion know what a good boy he's been this season by giving him 
his own stocking to unstuff. Afterall, the holidays are a time to celebrate everyone in the family!