Honoring Veterans and Service Dogs on Veterans Day November 01, 2015 11:06


On this Veteran’s Day we at Links-IT would like to celebrate the countless connections forged between members of the armed forces and their animal companions. Through our work in developing a pet tag connector that takes the chore out of changing identification tags, we have had the privilege to meet hundreds of pets and their owners across the country. At every pet show, veterinary clinic, and pet store we are moved by the powerful connections forged between dogs and their masters.

If you are a dog owner, than without a doubt you can recall a time when your canine companions has been there to comfort you with a wag of the tail, an inquisitive bark, or by simply being a loyal friend at your side. For millions of veterans across the United States, dogs provide that same support. Medical studies show that companion animals, such as dogs, improve mental and physical health. They can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety, all symptoms that many of the brave men and women who serve our country experience after returning from active duty.

On this veterans day, we want to send our gratitude and warm regards to all the veterans and active military members who have bravely sacrificed so much for others. A number of nonprofits exist that make service dogs accessible to veterans at no cost. Support the members of our armed forces past and present by exploring these many nonprofits who provide support to both pets and vets in need. A few organizations worth checking out are:

pets-for-vets.comsoldiersbestfriends.org, guardiansofrescue.org, and vetsfwd.org